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kanti wilujeng (39, Married, 2 Children)
Indonesian, Islam

MaidID: M14143
Agency: Jingga Manpower Agency (Lic. 11C3138)
Agency Contact: 65203671
Yee Yee Nwe (38, Married, 1 Children)
Myanmese, Buddish

MaidID: M12701
Agency: Total Maid Agency
Agency Contact: 68444608
WAHYUNI( TRASFER AND NOVEMBER) (34, Married, 2 Children)
Indonesian, Islam

MaidID: M14152
Agency Contact: 96390221
Aiza Esquibil (28, Married, 0 Children)
Filipino, Catholic

MaidID: M14116
Agency: ST Manpower Services
Agency Contact: 96911606
Naw Se Gay Thor (29, Single, 0 Children)
Filipino, Christian

MaidID: M12151
Agency: Total Maid Agency
Agency Contact: 68444608
Working Experience:

- 6 months in Singapore. Chinese family with 5 mo baby. Infant care, simple cooking, gereal house cleaning.

- 4 months in Singapore. Chinese family. General house cleaning and cooking.

- 2 Years in Singapore. Malay family with 4 children. General house cleaning, cooking, look after young children.
General Skill:

- Know how to cook Malay/Indonesian dishes, simple chinese dishes.

- Good in house cleaning and child care.
Other info:

- She is from Blitar, East Java.
- She married with 2 children, aged 9 & 14 yo.
- Good personality, pleasant, humble, willing to work.
- Expected salary $500 with offdays.
- Phone-interview available with arrangement.
Working Experience:

She is a fresh maid from Myanmar.
Work in Myanmar for a few years.
Baby-sits own child in Myanmar.
General Skill:

Able to take care of kids and infant because she has a son in Myanmar.
Can do general housekeeping and cook myanmar food.
I can learn to cook chinese food.
Have experience taking care of relative's kids.
I can do simple sewing and willing to work for any family.
Other info:

She is mature and willing to learn new things.
The reason she wants to come to work in Singapore is to earn more money to support her family in Myanmar.
Her expected salary is $400 without off day.
She prefer not to take care of elderly and disabled
person as she has no experience.
I will work hard and try my best for your family.
Please employ me.
Working Experience:

Experience in Singapore for 2 (2008-2010) with malay family.

Taking care 2 children 4 years old and 6 years old.
Do housework,washing,cleaning,ironing and cooking.
Send to school and feed her food too.
Finish contract.

Experience in Singapore for 1 years (2010-2011) with malay family.

Taking care 1 children 3 years old and taking care grandmother.
Pleasant,reliable,polite and humble. Can cook simple Chinese food for elderly and family.
Can work independently with less supervision.
Have experience with attending to elderly folks needs.
Have initiative and patience in doing things.
Reason for not completing the previous contract is because elderly grandmother passed away and the maid transfer.

Experience in Singapore for 4 years (2011-2014)With Malay family.Taking care 4 children 10 years old,11 years old,17 years old and 21 years old.
This applicant can be considered proficient in doing household chores such us cleaning,washing clothes,dish washing,and ironing.
She also loves taking care of young children and attending to their needs.
General Skill:

-Good in general housekeeping plus looking after kids and Bring kids go school.
-Can do cooking simple malay food and can learn cooking chinese food.
-Willing to look after young children.
Other info:

Wahyuni is a harworking and cheerful person.
She has very good working attitud.

Working Experience:

No experience as maid.
General Skill:

- Willing to work hard and give her best.

- Can do cooking and willing to learn.

- Can look after children.

- Can look after elderly.
Other info:

Aiza's husband is a farmer.
Working Experience:

Fresh Myanmar maid.
General Skill:

Can handle general housekeeping.
Posses good working attitude.
Can take care of children and elderly.
Other info:

Salary range $400
No off day.
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How to hire a maid?

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Ministry of Manpower 2008 New Rulings

From 14 July 2008, employment agencies will be prohibited from offering, directly or indirectly, any form of payment (whether monetary or in kind) to employers, in exchange for the employers hiring foreign workers through them.

An employer is not allowed to recover employment-related expenses, (whether monetary or in kind), which are payable by the employer. Some of these include, but are not limited to:

  1. fees associated with application, issuance, renewal, or reinstatement of the Work Permit or S Pass;
  2. costs associated with furnishing a security deposit required by MOM;
  3. costs associated with medical insurance required by MOM;
  4. costs associated with medical examination required by MOM;
  5. foreign worker levy payments required by MOM;
  6. costs associated with training a foreign employee, where the training is provided by employer or required by MOM; or
  7. repatriation costs.

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